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Hi all! First post. ^_^

Feeling stuck and very unjuicy lately. I'm working hard on my Masters, and balancing work and bills at the same is a mess...yada yada yada.

Must take off my swimmies and get out of this negative pool!

Sometimes the real world intrudes and makes us feel we have to be grown ups. Big lists of musts and shoulds materialize...and somehow, the more responsibility is added on, the more "stuck" I feel. I need to learn how to be a grown up and stay young at the same time.

It's okay to do a little at a time, I think. When you feel stuck, I think it's like that big old knot in that book, Maniac just need to be gentle with it, poke and prod a bit, until slowly, the knot begins to relax and detangle...

"Stuck" is another word for cocooning, I think..."Stuck" periods always signify a big change on the horizon...

I'm very tempted to do a big purge...get rid of all my old clothes that I don't like anymore, get rid of old books and papers, throw out broken and useless junk...Get some fresh energy moving through this house...

Fiance and I have begun tentatively putting together a budget and a chore chart...these bits of organization will help us live juicier lives in the long having a clean home and a balanced budget, we'll have more energy and money to put towards our creative dreams.

I think this part of winter makes it more difficult to feel juicy and creatively alive...

(I think the nitty gritty of daily life makes it even harder!)

Must remember to be a human BEING, not just a human DOING.

A very happy V-DAY to one and all! I'm very happy to share my creative journey with everyone. ^_^
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