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Chicago/Milwaukee area plus grrrlies…

I’m participating in a friend’s garage sale next weekend, so I’m going though all of my clothes and figuring out what to take. Now, this seems like a simple task, but it isn’t. I’m coming up with an obscene amount of clothing that I’m motivated to part with, far too much for the event. I decided to just take the summery stuff to the garage sale and possibly do my own garage sale for the colder weather stuff in September. (Some stuff might make it to eBay, but that’s so time-consuming and the fees suck you dry. Yes, I could donate the whole lot to Goodwill, but at this point in my life, the few hundred dollars from a garage sale actually makes a difference in my budget.)

Now, here’s my question: I know that in some other major cities (NY & SF…even Ann Arbor…come to mind), local groups have organized “plus grrrlie swapmeets” or “fat girl garage sales”. Does anyone know if any such thing exists in Chicago or Milwaukee? I’ve been poking around and haven’t come up with much of anything. If I could participate in an existing event, that would be cool. If not…I’m toying with the idea of organizing something myself (famous last words *laughs*).

So…local grrrlies…share the scoop if you know about an existing event! Should there not already be such an animal…I’m wondering if there’s local interest in it. Would you participate in something like this? Would you go to shop it?

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