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Hie I'm new!!

Hie I'm Tari,
I been using  Sark's micromovement and its been working for me.

From a flung flop dropt-out
I'm now in my 2nd sem
in my Bachelor Education Degree.
SARK is the best ;)

This is my view of a balanced life.

Here is my Dream map.
I just change it. Previously it was just to get a Degree.
now I see me a little bit closer to 1st Class distinction,
I'm grabbing my chance.
It used to be Albert Einstein..
then I changed
My mum as my inspiration,
She speaks 5 different languages,
Russian is like her 2nd language.
She was like wonderwoman.
I think I should carry on her legacy.

and this is my micromovement for my 2nd semester.
Class is only starting this Saturday.
I can't wait to dive into the adventure
and go bananas.
1CDBED- 1st class distinction for Bachelor Education Degree.
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